TENCEL® Fabrics

Klopman’s polyester/TENCEL® fabrics bring a new sensation to workwear garments by offering enhanced softness and drape, while readily withstanding high-temperature industrial laundering.

Smooth surfaces and excellent moisture absorption and breathability translate into a positive skin climate, offering improved wearer comfort and garment appearance.

The combination of TENCEL® and polyester offers enhanced durability, making professional clothing extremely hard-wearing and increasing the service life of the garment.

Traditionally dyed in light colours, Klopman now offers TENCEL® fabrics in a wide range of colours, from light to dark.

Name Weight Blend
Oxford 195 g/m² 50% PES / 50% CLY (TENCEL)
Chalford 215 g/m² 65% PES / 35% CLY (TENCEL)
Helford 215 g/m² 50% PES / 50% CLY (TENCEL)
Bradford 250 g/m² 50% PES / 50% CLY (TENCEL)
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