Water and Oil Repellent Finish: HYDROFOIL

Hydrofoil is an exclusive Klopman formulation which adds superior water and oil repellency properties to all fabrics.

Hydrofoil offers excellent durability, even after industrial laundering, and outperforms other comparable finishes on the market.

The lifetime of the finish can be increased even further by rinsing Hydrofoil-treated garments with a repellent agent in the final rinse of the wash cycle. The frequency of re-proofing depends on the end-use requirements. It’s perfectly safe for drying in a tunnel finisher.

Hydrofoil can be applied to all Klopman fabrics. Repellency performance may vary according to the fabric it is used on.

Certification to EN 13034 for protection against limited chemical splash already exists for some fabrics (ie Indestructible and Superbandmaster, as well as a number of fabrics from the protectivewear range). Individual testing is required for EN 13034 certification on other fabrics.


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