Treated Flame Retardant Fabrics

In many occupations, exposure to flame and sparks in the workplace creates an ever-present risk. This potential hazard means all workers need suitably protective garments.

A primary factor determining fabric choice is conformity to established EN standards, but the best materials also offer greater wearer comfort, improved colour consistency, fabric stability and durability. Klopman’s advanced performance flame-retardant treated fabrics are compliant with a wide range of standards: ISO 15025 A&B for protection against heat and flame*, ISO 11611 and IEC 61482-1-1 for use in welding, ISO 11612 and ISO 14116 for protection against heat and flame, IEC 61482-1-2 for protection garments against electric arc thermal shocks, plus they are all certified for skin friendliness by OEKO-TEX. Klopman treated flame retardant fabrics are also available in high visibility yellow according to EN 20471 standard. Klopman’s flame-retardant fabrics are treated with Proban® finish to guarantee maximum protection for the wearer.

They are ideally suited for garments worn for welding, metal cutting and in foundries, protecting employees against injury from spark, flash, flame and molten metal splash. 


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Discover our Bravo 9010 FR and Jupiter FR, our new treated Flame Retardant fabrics NFPA 2112 - UL certified.

Name Weight Blend
Jupiter FR 240 g/m² 100% Co
Bravo FR 250 g/m² 75% Co / 25% PES
Arena FR 300 g/m² 75% Co / 25% PES
Scala FR 320 g/m² 75% Co / 25% PES
Meteor FR 335 g/m² 100% Co
Gemini FR 340 g/m² 100% Co
Challenger 5000 FR 360 g/m² 75% Co / 25% PES
Mars FR 410 g/m² 100% Co
Caesar FR 470 g/m² 100% Co
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