Outdoor fabrics

Klopman outdoor fabrics keep every wearer warm and dry during outside activities in wet weather. They also offer a modern, casual appearance while still meeting the high-performance standards of the best outdoor garments.

Our laminated fabrics provide protection from wind and rain. They prevent the penetration and absorption of water drops while allowing water vapour molecules to pass outwards through the membrane, ensuring wearer comfort throughout the working day.

We also offer fabrics with the unique patented encapsulation technology of EPIC®, produced by Nextec, which delivers additional performance benefits in a single layer.  Klopman EPIC® fabrics meet the challenge of providing ultimate climate protection and wearer comfort with functionality, colour performance and durability. The fabrics offer moisture and air-flow management, yet remain wind-resistant and rainproof, meeting all but the most extreme climate conditions.

EPIC® simply adds weather performance technology to a wide range of fabrics – natural or synthetic – without compromising the fabric touch or garment performance. EPIC® encapsulation is permanent and washable and is designed to enhance the inherent natural performance of any woven fabric without affecting the look, comfort or feel, adding permanent new levels of protection and comfort to the wearer.

KLOPMAN EPIC® fabrics guarantee all of the following qualities, for the lifetime of the garment:

·         Rainproof

·         Water-repellent

·         Wind-resistant

·         Quick-drying

·         Breathable

·         Air permeable

·         UV protection

·         Eco-safe.

Name Weight Blend
SBM Epic 250 g/m² 65% PES / 35% Co
Starfield 2L 285 g/m² 65% PES / 35% Co / membrane 100% PU
Starfield Softshell 415 g/m² 65% PES / 35% Co / membrane 100% PU / Fleece 100% PES
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