The Manufacturing Process

Klopman handle every stage of the manufacturing process, from the selection of the raw cotton, polyester and technical fibers through to weaving, dyeing and finishing the final fabric.

FROM FIBER SELECTION. In the first stage the fibers are analyzed for consistency of physical properties and quality, then cleaned and blended into slivers to achieve the required blend proportion of the final fabric. The slivers are then drawn out, twisted together and converted to yarn on highly advanced ring-spinning or open-end spinning machines. It is during this part of the process that the individual fabric characteristics of fabric hand, strenght and comfort are determined.

TO WEAVING. The next stage is the preparation for weaving by warping and slashing and then weaving on state-of-the-art air-jet and rapier looms. The woven fabric – termed ‘greige’ – is now ready for dyeing and finishing on sophisticated and highly automated continuous bleaching/mercerizing and continuous dye ranges.

TO FINISHING. Colour with absolute consistency is one of the most distinguishing features of Klopman fabrics. Always recognized for the range, consistency and fastness performance of its colours, Klopman has taken fabric dyeing a dramatic stage further.

In yet another innovation designed to offer greater flexibility, a continuous dye range has been purpose-designed by Klopman using the most sophisticated process technology available. Also, an automated colour ‘kitchen’ enables Klopman to formulate dye colours quickly and with total accuracy, together with computerized process control to ensure enhanced consistency and quality.

After dyeing, a choice of finishes, including sueding and brushing is added to the fabric.

During this process, specific properties are also applied to the fabric, such as durable press, crease recovery and resistance, fluid repellency, stain resistance, bacteriostatic control and flame retardancy. And prior to final dispatch, once again all finished fabric is thoroughly checked for quality including colour and shade in relation to both Klopman’s own specifications and those of the Customer.

FOR AN EXCELLENT LEVEL OF QUALITY. With a high level of automation used in all processes, the majority of personnel at the Plant concentrate on stringent control and monitoring of quality. This ensures that all performance aspects of the fabric are consistently maintained, and it is the combination of Klopman’s expertise in all these individual areas and processes that gives their fabrics overall stability and consistency of performance in wear and throughout the laundry processing cycle.

The production of Klopman fabrics is environmentally friendly.

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