In the late 1960s, American textile manufacturer Bill Klopman, in conjunction with DuPont, pioneered the development of the world's first polyester-blended fabric for industrially washed workwear. After extensive trials, the ideal performance fabric was achieved – using a blend of 65% polyester/35% cotton, the most important blend still in use today. 

Acclaimed as a huge success by the US Laundry Association, Bill Klopman then set his sights on Europe. Market research proved positive and proposals were made to several European governments to build a high-tech manufacturing plant. A site was found in Frosinone, Italy and this became our new European manufacturing base.

1967 Klopman is founded by Bill Klopman, Burlington Industries, USA.
1970 Klopman's Indestructible and Superbandmaster fabrics become firmly established
1974 The presidency of Klopman is passed from the US to London.
1983 Launch of the first cotton rich fabric collection
1988 Klopman in Europe, acquired by Dominion Textile Group, continues its growth.
1992 Klopman separates product range Into three branded areas – Image Workwear, Protectivewear and Casual Apparel
1995 Klopman launches innovative and extremely durable '2000' fabric range together with Super White. Company is also awarded ISO 9002
1998 Klopman International is acquired by Galey & Lord Inc.
2000 klopman launches Megatec, Multi-functional protectivewear fabric.
2003 Acquisition by BS Private Equity.
2004 Klopman announces substantial new investments in advanced dyeing & finishing manufacturing equipment and IT systems.
2008 Several innovative new fabrics launched including Vantage featuring CORDURA® technology. Fairtrade Certified Cotton is introduced
2011 Launch of a new Corporate Image. First Klopman Tencel fabric. New family of Corporatewear fabrics.
2012 Expansion in Asia. Jointventure with Argo Manunggal Textile.
2013 New branch office in UAE. Appointed new CEO Mr Alfonso Marra.
2015 Launch of K-Flame, Klopman's new Inherent FR fabric range. Opening Bangkok Branch Office.
2016 Klopman achieves the STeP certification by Oeko-Tex. The company is acquired by the French TDV Industries.
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